Overseas Companies Entering India

Customised Market Research & Entry Strategies .

Keeping in mind the need of domestic & overseas companies interested in starting their projects and that of industries looking for diversification & expansion of markets for their new products/services ; we have developed a base of industry friendly consultancy services.

These TECHNO-COMMERCIAL STUDIES are broadly classified as CUSTOMISED MARKET RESEARCH and include following set of services,

Market Research and Surveys-



  • Demand-Supply Gap Analysis
  • New Market Identification
  • Export Market Search
  • Product Performance Studies
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Product Launching Strategy
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Perception
  • Customer Identification
  • Dealer Assessment
  • Dealer Identification

Research and Feasibility Studies-

We are specialized in Research and Feasibility study assignments, which are based on field research.

The specific purpose of these studies is to judge the commercial potential of a specific venture or an activity.

Our analysis strategy is based on following criteria;

A. Technical viability,

B. Financial feasibility,

C. Market/ commercial utility


The main sectors focused are :

  • FMCG & Consumer Industry
  • Industrial products
  • Service industries
  • Socio-economic studies
  • Socio-Commercial studies.

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