Indian Companies Expansion in Russian Federation Market

MOD Markets is an Agency +

MOD Markets International is an ‘agency +’ that helps companies to enter, grow, and succeed in Russia. We take over all marketing, sales, operational, and legal tasks for companies in Russia. It’s our goal to eliminate your worries about the Russian market, and let you focus on growing your business. MOD Markets has an experienced and international management team that will guide companies to success in the Russian market.


Our Mission

It’s our mission to improve the quality of lives of families in Russia by helping the world’s best companies in Home and Food to succeed in Russia.


The MOD Markets Approach

We have a smart and integrated network of virtual and physical platforms to reach businesses and end-consumers. As these platforms, think of hubs of business showrooms, virtual trading platforms for home and textile products, a network of more than 550 furniture and home retail locations, a B2C furniture market place, nation wide warehouses and distribution centers, and much more. All the companies we assist in the Russian market, have access to these platforms. We define for every company the best strategy to enter Russia, and a dedicated brand team will execute the strategy. All these platforms offer direct sales opportunities and provide direct feedback about the market.


Proud welcome to MITPL as our representative in India

We proudly present MITPL as our representing agent in India. MITPL will, on behalf of MOD Markets, provide the most innovative Indian companies the opportunity and possibilities to expand in the Russian market. We have confidence in the strength and skills of MITPL that MITPL will create many mutually beneficial partnerships between Indian and Russian companies, using the supply chain services of MOD Markets International. We are looking forward to a long and fruitful cooperation.

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